What is the distinction between a deck and a patio? A deck is an open porch or platform that usually extends from the home and roofless. Meanwhile, a patio is a paved space that directly sits on the ground. It could or couldn’t be linked to your homes outdoor. To know more what makes them different and benefits to determine which one do you need for your home.  

Benefits of Decks 


Wooden decks can provide a significant ROI for property owners. During the year 2014, the return on investment reached a whopping 87 percent, which is greater compared to the ROI of only about any indoor home renovation.   


Other yards that feature uneven terrains and are night quite level. In such instances, decks would be a great option since they can be set up in any kind of land and by the experts. 


The majority of customized decks are constructed off the ground. With a bit of ambiance and the proper landscaping, this provides you an amazing view of your yard.  


If you live in a place where it’s usually hot and humid, perhaps you like spending your summertime outdoors. Moreover, a wooden deck can naturally absorb the heat and retain much less of it, which helps to keep you cooler.  


You can get your wooden deck painted or stained with any color or shade that you prefer. Make sure that it matches the exterior design of your home or the theme of the landscaping of your yard.  

Benefits of patios 


Basically, no building or inspection permits are needed if you want to install patios. Because of this, this endeavor is the most cost-efficient and time-consuming if you compare it to the deck.  


Patios could be much cheaper compared to decks because they are flush to the ground. It just costs approximately 5 dollar sq. ft. to have new concrete to be used for a patio.  


A quality patio can possibly last more than 25 years. Also, they can keep on maintaining their value throughout that time with extremely minimal maintenance tasks needed.  


Since patios are intended to directly sit on the ground, they offer more sense of privacy. Some of the nosy neighbors need to really climb up onto your fence just to see what you’re doing on your patio. 


Since patios are extremely durable, they need extremely minimal maintenance needed. Sure, sealing your patio can protect it from the forces outside and maintain its great appearance. However, stone pavers and patios are durable on their own.  

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